FireRed Nuzlocke – Prologue

When you turn 16, you are given a very special item. A rite of passage, of sorts. You are given a Pokémon Trainer identification card, certifying you as a trainer for the whole world to recognize as. Not only that, but you are also able to take on the Pokémon League Gym challenge, facing off against eight of the toughest trainers in the region and maybe, if you’re lucky enough, get to take on the Elite Four for a chance to become the regional Champion. It’s a dream worth fighting for.

Yeah, right. As if I could ever be someone that great. Me, I’m just a nobody who moved to Kanto, never made any friends, and would rather spend time in my room than out in the open world. But hey, I’m 16 now, so I may as well take advantage of what’s been offered to me.

So I went and took a transit to Pallet Town, home of Professor Oak and where all new trainers congregate for the start of their journey. There weren’t too many people there, which I certainly wouldn’t complain about. It was only me and this one other guy, I think his name was Kaz? I wasn’t paying all that much attention to names. But anyway, when it came my turn, I said hello to the professor, shook his hand, and he presented to me the starter that coordinated with my ID number: the Water-type starter, Squirtle. We met eyes, there was a small silence for a few seconds, and then I saw him give this really big, open-mouth smile to me. It was as if his smile was in the shape of a heart, kind of like Viktor in Yuri!!! On ICE, one of my favorite shows. And seeing that smile, I gave a smile of my own and picked him up into my arms; we found a connection, right then and there, and I knew what name I wanted to give him: Viktor. Maybe he’ll find his Yuri, if things go well.

But there, in that moment, I decided on something else. I felt a surge of confidence and strength fill my being, in our first moment together. I felt like, together, we could take anything and anyone on. And right then and there, I decided to take on the League challenge and take on all the Gyms in the region. I may not be the most experienced, but I know that together, we can conquer them all and stand atop everyone… as Champions.

“Wow. so you’re really doing it? Guess that means you won’t be coming back anytime soon, huh?”

I had called my best confidant, this girl named Amelie whom I’ve known for years and years, to let her know what I had decided on. She, like me, was rather introverted and would rather spend the day inside chilling out than go out on fancy dinner dates or anything like that. We had been the best of friends for years and we would hang out whenever we could, living in the same small town and all.

And I was a bit in love with her, as well. But I could never bring myself to admit it.

“Yeah, I’m actually going out into the real world for once. Hope I don’t break into a hundred pieces, alright?”

We both shared a small laugh at that quip.

“Well, take care of yourself, Adam. And that cute little guy you’ve got with you. Don’t forget to visit, too, when you come back home, alright?”

“Don’t worry, Amy, I’ll pay you a visit. I promise.”

Soon after, we ended our call, and from there, it had become time for Viktor and I to start our journey together. My life begins anew, right here and now.

Caught Pokémon: 1
Deaths: 0
Badges: 0

Viktor/Squirtle – Lv.6

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