The All-Generation Nuzlocke Challenge

I, like many others, am a big fan of the Pokémon series of games, and recently, I’ve found myself interested in taking on the ever-famous “Nuzlocke Challenge” run. But why do it for one generation, when I can do it for five? Granted, my luck with Nuzlocke runs in the past hasn’t been all that stellar, but I believe that I can pull off this feat, which will make up of “Nuzlocking” Gens 1 through 5 of Pokémon, complete with a recurring event log, right here. And screenshots, as well. (emulators, hint hint)

So here are the rules I will be abiding by:

  • KO = death, must release
  • team wipe = game over
  • must catch ONLY the first encounter in each route and section (grass, cave, water)
  • must nickname every Pokémon captured
  • challenge does not begin until Poké Balls are first obtained
  • Dupes Clause: no catching any duplicates (applies to evolution lines, as well)
  • Shiny Clause: do everything to catch a Shiny, won’t be released after KO (Red Gyarados does not apply)
  • ID number dictates which starter is obtained: 1-3 Grass, 4-6 Fire, 7-9 Water
  • no Legendaries allowed

I won’t impose any item limit or level limit, but everything I do will be within reason. The order of the run, should everything go well, will be like this:

  • Gen 1: FireRed, ends vs. Mewtwo
  • Gen 2: Crystal, ends vs. Red
  • Gen 3: Emerald, ends vs. Steven
  • Gen 4: Platinum, ends vs. Dialga and Palkia
  • Gen 5: Black, ends vs. Elite Four, the second time

And if all of that goes well, I may do the same challenge for White 2, on Hard Mode.


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