3/14 – If you’re mad about a TV lineup change, you should find a hobby.

I’m going to try and say this with as little mean-spirited venom as I possibly can. The key word being “try.”

Sure enough, with the news about One Piece leaving Toonami after its upcoming Saturday broadcast making the rounds, some folks aren’t taking it too well. In short, some people are really really really really REALLY mad and upset about it, taking their anger out in various ways and on various individuals.

Then the word got out about Tokyo Ghoul coming in at 1am on 3/25, pushing Gundam Unicorn back to 1:30 and Hunter x Hunter back to 2am. Then people got even more mad. And I’m not talking “RAH RAH THIS SUCKS” mad, I mean “CRAWWWWWWLING INNNNN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIIN” mad. THAT kind of mad. A kind of mad that is completely beyond mental comprehension. And to those people, I offer two pieces of sage advice.

One, step away from the internet for 5 minutes, go outside, and get some fresh air. A little fresh air does a mind good.

And two, understand that, in the grand scheme of things, kvetching about what a television network does with their schedule is, by all accounts, aimless and purposeless. And get a new hobby, for God’s sake.

In the words of Carl Brutananadilewski, “It don’t matter, none of this matters.”


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