1/2 – The NFL in 2016, in Review

Another football season has come and gone, with the postseason playoffs coming right around the corner. And who would’ve expected the Dallas Cowboys to be the comeback story of the year, with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott leading them to a 13-3 season, and home field advantage for their playoff games? Fresh out of Mississippi State at only 23 years of age, this guy has been the savior Jerry Jones has been searching high and low for, for years. Forget Tony Romo and his mediocre ass, and forget Mark Sanchez and his butt-fumbling ass, Dak Prescott is the only QB this organization needs. (At least, right now.) And the ratings have shown, with the 2016 Cowboys being HUGE television draws, pulling in the three highest-rated games of the entire season. Well deserved, ‘Boys.

And then there was the ballyhoo and open-armed welcoming back of the Rams to Los Angeles, taking their new home at the old LA Memorial Coliseum. With #1 draft pick, QB Jared Goff, at their helm, the sky was the limit… only, much like in LA, the sky is filled with smog and congestion and chemicals and cancer. To be fair, they started out fine, losing their opener against San Francisco but winning the next three straight… and then it all turned to shit. Final tally, 4-12, with a 38-point blowout from Arizona to close out the season. Oh, and Jeff Fisher, the worst coach in modern NFL history not named Tom Cable (shut up, it’s a joke), got shit-canned after week 14. Was it worth it, Kroenke?

Then there’s the San Francisco 49ers, hoo boy. Look, politics aside, this was a disaster of a season for the whole organization, ending things on a 2-14 record, their GM and coach getting fired at the end of the season, and all the 49ers fans jumping across the Bay… to root for the Raiders, that is. 12-4 with Derek Carr at the helm as QB, paired with Michael Crabtree and a hard-hitting D-line, but it all just had to go south on Christmas Eve, didn’t it? Carr suffered a broken leg against their game with the Colts, and he’s out for the next 6 months, which means he’s out of their playoff game(s).

The first winning season the Raiders have had in 14 years, and possibly their last before moving to Las Vegas (we’ll see), and it’ll all amount to nothing because of Carr’s injury. But I suppose it could be worse, like with the San Diego Chargers – they’re not getting their new stadium, and they were the only team to lose to the Cleveland Browns all season. And, of course, their coach got shit-canned because, uh DUH, YA LOST TO THE FRIGGING 1 AND 15 BROWNS. YOU DESERVED IT.

And then there’s the Carolina Panthers, my current-home town team. What a collapse they had, with seemingly EVERYONE trying to crack Cam Newton’s skull open (great job on the concussion protocol, guys) and people on the team getting hurt, left and right, especially Luke Kuechly in week 11. It all ended with a 6-10 record, but on the positive side of things, Carolina also had what may be the best underrated game of the entire season against Oakland, with Oakland winning 35 to 32 in an all-around excellent game from both sides.

It’s been a season of highs and lows for the NFL, in 2016. And for what it’s worth, since I won’t get to see the Prescott vs. Carr matchup anytime soon, here’s what I want to see happen for this year’s Super Bowl:

Dak Prescott leading the Cowboys to dethrone Tom Brady and the “oh-so-golden boys” from Foxboro. Book it, it’ll be the biggest draw ever.


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