Welcome back to the surreal mind.

(Don’t mind the placeholder image. I didn’t have anything else.)

So let’s try this whole thing again.

I’ve been a part of another site, Surreal Resolution, which is just a couple of us media nerds talking about whatever we like, and in that time I’ve been doing a lot of writing, about music and anime and movies and all kinds of stuff. But in that time, I’ve also been feeling a bit on inspiration to talk about more things I like, in a smaller format that doesn’t fill the main site. And so, I’ve decided to try this whole “being a nerd with a WordPress” thing again, with a simple mission statement to it:

Write every single day.

Call it a new year’s resolution or whatever, but I will make it a duty to write something on this site, every single day, be it grand and planned out or a simple short 200-word writeup about what I’ve been watching or playing or listening to or anything in that regard. Consider this a journal of sorts, just me messing around and talking about whatever I feel like.

And, of course, you’re all welcome to be part of this and read along. Just don’t expect anything fancy out of it.


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